A photograph, drawing, painting. A still image is a single static image, as distinguished from a moving image (i.e. a movie). This phrase is used in photography, visual media, and the computer industry to emphasize that one is not talking about movies, or in very precise or pedantic technical writing such as a standard.

José Manuel Martínez Reyes is an Architect trained in a Nicaraguan University who has diversified into Digital and Traditional Marketing, acquiring this knowledge from one of the best schools in this field in Costa Rica with a postgraduate degree in Art Direction for Advertising.
The Architect and Art Director José Manuel Martínez Reyes has 18 years of experience in both fields of these two artistic disciplines and is the founder of www.stillimage.co, a company that is a pioneer in Nicaragua in the introduction of Social Networks with companies of great prestige in the country so much that it has transcended to collaborate and create content and designs for companies in other countries such as Costa Rica, United States, Denmark, Mexico, San Salvador, and others.
The most vital features of him in labor terms are collaboration, creativity, and service, he is always ready to face new challenges and be constantly updated in technologies and new forms of artistic expression and experimental models of communication.


For the very best projects, we work with educational professionals looking to establish business-to-business relationships. 15 years of creating and developing. Twelve hundred successfully completed projects


Clients, brands, and concerns we are currently collaborating with.

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